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Groen+ wants more nature and less concrete in Tervuren. We are protecting the rich green environment we already have and trying to create more biodiversity. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy living in a pleasant, peaceful and clean community.

Some examples? Restoration of the Warandepark, including the bridges over the lakes, a green play area for each school, a proper footpath all along the River Voer, public gardens and green picnic areas, and wildflower areas to promote biodiversity. Encouraging pesticide-free gardening that is kind to wild creatures, and measures against litter, fly tipping, dog mess, and inconsiderate parking.

And what about aircraft noise? We are pushing for a fairer distribution of air traffic and for reduced CO2 emissions from the airport and related activities. This will also be good for Tervuren!

But we have many more plans for a nicer and greener Tervuren. (See the section entitled Ik ben natuurliefhebber.)



Groen+ is in favour of positive action for everyone.

… CHILDREN need places to play, a safe school environment, healthy food at school (ideally locally sourced), and plenty of time for exercise.

… YOUNG PEOPLE need safe and reliable public transport, social options in the evening, night buses (and reasonable rules on partying), places to meet … And, later on, affordable accommodation.

… MUMS AND DADS need affordable child-care options, good after-school facilities, and a safe, challenging and healthy environment for their children.

… OLDER PEOPLE need policies designed for their needs: home care so that they can remain independent for as long as possible, activities during the day that are fun and cheap, and accessible for those with limited mobility. And public benches here and there so they can stop and rest ...

… THOSE WHO LIVE OUTSIDE THE TOWN have the same entitlements, whether it be affordable child-care or better public transport, facilities for the elderly or sports infrastructure for the young. You should not be worse off if you live in Moorsel, Duisburg or Vossem!

… THE LESS MOBILE also want to enjoy everything Tervuren has to offer. We can make their lives easier by providing ramps, accessible toilets, and a bus that takes them to and from local functions. 

All these aspects form an integral part of our approach, and so are included in the relevant sections of our programme.



Groen + wants an open community where all feel welcome and their voices are heard.


In addition to the half-hour question time when anyone in Tervuren can address the council, we would like to encourage more dialogue with local residents. Children should be able to decide which apparatus they have in their playgrounds. Young people can make concrete proposals in an active youth committee. And adults can make proposals about how parts of the local budget are spent.  Resident committees can help to determine policy.


In Tervuren we have 100 different nationalities! We are in favour of a language policy which welcomes people.


If policies are to be open and transparent, clear and simple communication is crucial. We are making an effort to simplify administrative language so that everyone understands what the local authorities are doing and how they spend the money.



… because we all have to negotiate traffic – and do it safely!

Houses, jobs and services tend to depend on bus and tram stops and not the other way round. But if it is easy to live and work, go to school, go shopping and find recreation in our own area, then we will not need to make nearly so many (car) journeys.

… ON FOOT: we must extend the network of paths and pavements to where they are most needed.

… BY BIKE: cycle paths and school streets make Tervuren safer for everyone, and not just for our children. Places to park bicycles and (lockable) bike racks, with electrical charging points, make cycling more attractive. And we plan to provide more cycle paths wherever necessary.

… ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT: better parking at the 44 tram terminus (with safe parking for bikes), cycle racks at some tram stops, night buses at the weekend …  And a local bus from all parts of Tervuren for the Friday market. We support Regionet, the proposal for a tram-bus along the  Leuven-Tervuren route. And we want better trams on the 44 route!

… BY CAR: To keep car use to a minimum we want the alternatives to be more attractive so as to encourage sustainable mobility. And by the end of 2018 there will be Cambio car sharing in the centre of Tervuren.

Our Mobility Plan is designed to keep through traffic out of the centre and to cut down on rat-runs. Tervuren centre (Markt) should be made car-free so there is more room for cafes and restaurants. It could even be greened over. Now that we have been officially recognised as a Tourist Town we should make the most of our charms!

For more ideas on how to make mobility, transport and parking more efficient read the sections on Ik fiets en wandel graag and Ik neem vaak de bus of de tram.



Do you worry about all the empty shops in Tervuren? Would you rather see new original high-quality local shops? Groen+ wants to do as much as it can to create a pleasant shopping centre in the Markt, Brusselsesteenweg, Hoornzeelstraat and Leuvensesteenweg area.

Practical examples? The local authorities can for example use start-up premiums to encourage new businesses. Our planning suggests that Tervuren should concentrate on high-quality niche commodities (food, chocolate, design, …). But it is important to encourage diversity in the form of cafes and restaurants and high-value services.

Although we want through traffic to be kept out of the town centre, each shop should still be reachable by car. We are aiming at a local circular economy, and different models of  consumption which have less impact on people and the community. Shopping should be local, high-quality and above all enjoyable!

There is more on this in the section entitled Ik shop graag of ik ben ondernemer.



In 2014 Tervuren signed a commitment to make 20% reductions in CO² emissions and in energy consumption and a 20% increase in the use of renewable energy by 2020. During the next legislative period we need to commit still further. Groen+ is pledging to be 40% climate neutral by 2030.  

Practical examples? Our work on promoting cycling and public transport speak for themselves. And by the end of the legislative period all purchases by local authorities must be “circular” (i.e. with no waste of materials – everything has to be recycled). Other things to consider: insulating and improving the energy efficiency of businesses, service and industrial premises; a heating plan so that eventually all houses can be heated without fuel oil or natural gas; making agriculture in Tervuren sustainable through initiatives like Boeren&Buren, (Farmers and Neighbours), Pick Your Own schemes, Thursday is Veggie Day, and so on … And introduction of the Tervuren Shopping Bag for plastic-free shopping!

In the medium term these sustainability initiatives should make Tervuren into a town that has no negative impact on its environment. There is more on this in the sections entitled “Ik ben natuurliefhebber” and “Ik vind klimaat belangrijk”.


Groen+ is in favour of a cohesive social network where nobody needs to feel totally alone. We see local open areas as meeting places and want to strengthen links between local inhabitants, and between people with different social backgrounds. We want to promote initiatives that bring people together … like lending and borrowing schemes, street parties, community and advice centres, repair cafes and local allotments.

… THOSE WHO NEED CARE. At different stages in our lives each of us either provide care or need care ourselves. It is then that society should be providing maximum support, either through a services centre or by providing respite care, just to relieve the pressure.

… THOSE WHO ARE LONLEY. We are determined to tackle loneliness. We will be expanding the “locals seeking locals” project. We also want to do more to encourage active volunteers.


Every inhabitant of Tervuren is entitled to live in dignity, with help if needed. We are working hard to  increase the supply of social housing. We give free energy audits to prevent energy poverty and give support for energy-saving investment. In the Huis van het Kind (“Childrens’ house”) we focus on combating child poverty, and we also provide education support. And we work with local schools to tackle problems of poverty and education.

We are expanding the local network of care services. For example there is a local van that brings round good healthy food to people and areas who find access to food supplies difficult.

There is more on this in the section entitled “Ik heb het niet breed”.



Less concrete, less waste, less pollution, and less disturbance – more green spaces, more human contact … This is our vision for longer-term projects, particularly on housing (like the Panquin and Gito developments): ideas like co-housing, kangaroo housing (different generations living together) and smaller houses. Once the container park moves to Keiberg, the site will also be converted into an alternative housing project. This support for various new housing solutions is another good reason why Tervuren will continue to be a good place to  live in the future too!